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As a business owner it is important that you identify competition and determine whether you want to directly compete with them or forge your own lane....View Details

A business trip to Atlas Tools and Machinery in Toronto, Canada leads to so many conclusions about the state of the trades and the changing face of th...View Details

Perils of Today - Pt. 3

In the finale of the Perils of Today conversation we look toward the future and what it will take to expand the labor force, understand the division o...View Details

Perils of Today - Pt. 2

In part two of our Perils of Today conversation we tackle company re-branding and how Diamondback is moving away from Trade Specific Tool Belt Systems...View Details

Perils of Today - Pt. 1

Diamondback Toolbelts is in the midst of a huge transition from a small mom and pop company to a globally distributed company. This has happened in th...View Details

Contracts can protect you and your customer from unwanted grief and strife. Enforcing contracts and, if it is necessary, getting out of contracts can ...View Details

How well do you understand contracts is business? If you are not very familiar or would like a deeper look into how to protect yourself and your busin...View Details

Hanging a Shingle - Pt. 2

Part 2 of our Hanging a Shingle conversation dives into the benefits (or lack thereof) of mass marketing, how you can benefit from a referral network,...View Details

Episode 1 begins where you begin: The moment you decide you want to start your own business. What do you need to know to venture out on your own? What...View Details

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