The Finale is here.   

We began with a few things to discuss with our accountant, Bryce, but once we got rolling we soon discovered there was so much to unpack with this epi...View Details

In this episode we talk to business accountant Bryce Fletcher about everything accounting and how he went from an English major to a Framer to a numbe...View Details

How does operations data different than marketing data? How did we even manage this conversation for so long? 

The convo continues...

In possibly the craziest episode yet, Damani and Connor discuss what numbers matter to you and your business when you are analyzing data. Someone pops...View Details

In part two of our conversation we take lessons learned from the successes and failures of retail outlets and apply them to the trades industry. Learn...View Details

Welcome back and thank you for joining us on Season 2. We kick this season off exploring how a simple post-holiday shopping trip Connor took with his ...View Details

In the finale of Season One we leave you with a song...not a very good one, but a song nonetheless. We will return in mid January with Season Two. Tha...View Details

In the finale of Season 1 we change things up a bit and let Connor interview Damani about his involvement with Diamondback and the winding road that b...View Details

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