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In the finale of Season One we leave you with a song...not a very good one, but a song nonetheless. We will return in mid January with Season Two. Tha...View Details

In the finale of Season 1 we change things up a bit and let Connor interview Damani about his involvement with Diamondback and the winding road that b...View Details

In Part 2 of our 80/20 Rule conversation we give you the wisdom you need to determine how to make your business most profitable. Also Connor makes a C...View Details

The 80/20 Rule is a way to look at what your doing to determine what is most profitable and what is...well, a waste of your time. In part one of this ...View Details

In part two of our conversation on the Anatomy of a Lawsuit we discuss the complexities of big boy court and the most effective ways to make your case...View Details

This episode focuses on the most common types of construction lawsuits. We discuss the difference between big boy court and little boy court and the c...View Details

In part two of our conversation we discuss how to manage relationships with those in direct competition with your business. We also discuss tools and ...View Details

One of the keys to building a successful business is forming strong relationships with people and the ability to network in your industry and adjacent...View Details

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